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Hitting Instruction for All Ages and Skill Levels.

Here at MaximumBatSpeed, we offer hitting instruction/coaching to Baseball/Softball players of all ages and skill levels. Local to Stockton, CA we also serve the nearby cities of Sacramaneto, Elk Grove, Tracy, and Manteca. Video Analysis is available to anyone anywhere. Look at the Services we offer for more information.

Mike Trout Hitting Mechanics Slow Motion

Slow motion video on the hitting mechanics of Mike Trout.

Bryce Harper vs. Chris Davis 2013 Home Run Derby

Slow motion side by side video of two high profile hitters during the 2013 Home Run Derby.

MLB-Low Pitch Must Have Mechanics (The Tilt)

MLB-Low Pitch Must Have Mechanics. Hitting the low pitch with power can be easily accomplished by using proper mechanics. The hands must stay back near the deltoid area as the hips rotate and as you tilt at the waist as you get ready for contact.

Pablo Sandoval Hitting Mechanics Analysis

Pablo Sandoval Hitting Mechanics. Pablo's weight transfer to the front side, getting off his back foot, is one of the best in all MLB. His mechanics are one in which anyone would benefit from emulating.

17 Year Old Senior Taters Home Run, Great Upper Body Resistance

17 Year Old Senior Taters HR. This High School senior applied great connection of his bat over his deltoid area for amazing bat speed through the ball.

Barry Bonds vs Babe Ruth

Barry Bonds vs Babe Ruth Swing. Two different styles of hitting, but both men were dominant in their own eras.

BB Bates UCLA Crushes Home Run - Pitcher can't believe It

BB Bates Crushes Home Run With Amazing Mechanics.